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A fundraiser meeting with two donors

Jump-starting Year-End Gift Conversations

fundraisers fundraising major donors major gifts philanthropy relationships Nov 30, 2023

"Donor, would today be the right time to speak about your impact with [charity]? Our impact continues to [impact]."

If you still have donors or prospects on your list who you meant to ask, tried to ask, or have been trying to have a conversation with... now is the time to get engaged in conversations.

Some of you might be thinking:

  • This year has been too much of a financial strain - for everyone
  • In these depressing times, with all the need, how can I ask?
  • This is all about a money grab
  • Donor fatigue is real

The best person to say that a donor can't give this year... is the donor. Especially if a person or people have been supporting - why are you not extending an invitation to be part of the solution/ change/ safety net for your charity's impact?

I don't know about you, but I really take exception when people think they know "what's best" for me. I have not yet met a donor who has given who doesn't have the resources. (I have had major gift donors who cannot fulfill a pledge any longer, a donor who has withdrawn a pledge because they were angry with the organization.

Give your donors a chance to be part of the "solution team" at your nonprofit - the people carrying out the work, their colleagues - and donors who help fund the transformations.

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