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The Book Mine

Donor Care: How to Keep Donors Coming Back after the First Gift

by John Haydon

Thursday, February 23

10 am PT | 1 pm ET | 6 pm GMT

Cost: Free
60 minute session
Pre-discussion worksheet: your donor retention matrix + aha moments

Host: Beth Ann Locke
Chief Spark, The Fundraiser Coach

Special guest: Tom Ahern
Writer since birth, #DonorLove expert, collector of best practices that raise more money

Donor retention is one of the biggest challenges - and opportunities - for revenue growth in fundraising. Rates have been low for years and the recent Fundraising Effectiveness Report shows current rates:

~ Repeat donor retention: 44.5%
~ New donor retention: 14.2%
~ Lapsed donor retention: 2.7% 

John Haydon had a deep understanding of donor motivation, psychology and behavior. This book shares his golden nuggets of wisdom gleaned over decades of work with nonprofits. Donor Care offers actions now that will raise donor retention and revenue. 

Special guest Tom Ahern will talk about John Haydon and how you can raise more money from his ideas this year.

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The Book Mine Workshop

Donor Care: How to Keep Donors Coming Back after the First Gift

by John Haydon

Thursday, March 4

10 am PT | 1 pm ET | 6 pm GMT

Cost: $35
90 minute session
Limit: 8 attendees 
Pre-session worksheet: your retention matrix, top takeaways to implement, donor retention + resource questionnaire

Workshop Leader: Beth Ann Locke
Chief Spark, The Fundraiser Coach

Building off wisdom from John Haydon, we'll focus on increasing donor retention in your nonprofit. The group will talk about what you are doing now and what actions you can take this year, and the KPIs to track your success or to make tactical adjustments. 

Whether you consider a pilot project to increase retention of an key donor segment or plan a wholesale change to current strategy and tactics, we will share our experiences and I'll work with you to work with the resources you have now to strengthen your donor relationships.

Our goal: You leave this 90 minute session with a plan for change!

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The Gratitude Masterclass

with Beth Ann Locke and Shanon Doolittle 

Spring 2021


Do you still believe that thanking donors for the gift is the last thing to check off on your donor "to-do" list?

Research and case studies prove that thanking donors is the first step to the NEXT gift.

Drawing on our experiences and from research from the Institute of Sustainable Philanthropy and Bloomerang, Shanon and Beth Ann will offer strategies and practical tips for any sized fundraising program.


If you enjoyed Gratitude Camp, you'll be able to find more gems to show appreciation and impact to supporters. 


Our goal: To change the way you think about and execute on stewardship and appreciation. I will boost your relationship fundraising practice!

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