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U.S. civil rights leader John Lewis was a keynote speaker at one of the first conferences I attended. "Philanthropy fuels the change we need in the world," he told us. "The world needs fundraisers."

Ever since then, I've been honored to be the link between nonprofits and donors to make the change a reality. 

We are all "under construction." We are growing and changing in our lives, in what we are building, and in what we are helping others achieve. 

On my blog, I share ideas and insights, lived and learned experiences, so we can all grow, achieve and soar. 

Are You a Treat?

Halloween is my kind of season. The air becomes more crisp, the leaves change from green to orange to red, and pumpkins appear everywhere. 

People who know me well, know Halloween is my favourite holiday!

Here are my four insights to how fundraisers can be more like a treat than trick to donors.

Treat donors like partners for impact

As a fundraiser, you should to treat all donors as special. Whether you are a major gifts officer with a portfolio of 150+, a manager overseeing a multi-channel direct response program, or the leader in a small shop, show supporters how important their partnership is in order to solve the challenges your nonprofit is addressing.

Don't make the mistake on focusing on the size of the gift only -- many fundraisers are often eager focus on large-gift donors only. Notice monthly donors' smaller gifts every month, which show donors' great trust. How are you appreciating them?...

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