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So that you can smash your revenue goals and start making even bigger change

“Beth Ann was instrumental in helping us secure our largest donation to date of $100,000 in addition to some smaller ones ranging from $20,000-$40,000 — previously our largest donors were those who donated between $250 - $1,000.”

Cristina Fragale 
Senior Director of Recruitment & Development
Preston High School

You do this work because you’re committed to making a meaningful impact in the world.
But you spend a lot of your time on work that isn’t moving the needle…
You're determined to get better at closing major gifts.
Right now, major gift success might feel like "magic," but you know you have what it takes.
You want to understand how to take the steps that lead to unprecedented gifts.
Totally possible, I promise. I’m here to show you how.

There are tons of resources out there that’ll teach you the foundations of fundraising.


But if you want to smash your revenue goals halfway through the year (instead of 11:59 pm on December 31)...


You'll benefit most by being coached by a pro.


Because when you have an experienced guide who’ll support you, you will:
Learn how to trust your instincts (and which instincts to trust)
⭐️ Stop being afraid of rejection and learn that a donor’s “no” isn’t about you — it means “just not now”
 ⭐️ Develop the soft skills you need to work with any major gift donor
⭐️ Release your own preconceived beliefs about money, and
⭐️ Grow your confidence with successful “yeses” from donors who trust you


You become a catalyst for philanthropy that makes a major impact.


How do I know?


I'm Beth Ann Locke, Chief Spark at The Fundraiser Coach.

I'm a catalyst for impactful philanthropy and you can be, too.


I work with fundraisers and nonprofits to refine and optimize their fundraising approach so that they can close more major gifts.  


With over 30 years' experience fundraising for nonprofits, I’ve mastered the art of creative, connection-based strategies that increase the ROI of all your fundraising efforts.


Want to learn more about how I can help you go from barely meeting your goals to celebrating record-breaking gifts?


Let’s chat!

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Beth Ann in a coral dress, smiling

What makes me different from most of my peers?


Fundraising isn't something I "fell into" — I pursued it!


I saw fundraisers working at my first job, and I loved what they were doing. I made friends with them, and when one of the Directors left to set up a fundraising office in another part of the University of Washington - I applied.
At my very first conference, just 2 months into my new fundraising job, one of the keynote speakers was the late John Lewis, the civil rights leader and later became a representative in U.S. Congress.
When he said, “Philanthropy fuels the change we need in the world,” I was struck to my core that this is what I was meant to do. I’ve never doubted it a day since. 

Helping you identify and sharpen your talents is one of my greatest skills 

I have an instinctive talent for helping people identify and sharpen the skills that make them unique.

I care deeply about your success

In the same way that I teach that fundraising’s not a transactional act, the support you get when you work with me isn’t based on how much you spend.
From doing my homework before we chat to the resources and “language tracks” I’ll share, my clients love the warm, caring, and fun energy I bring to our sessions, in addition to the practical tips, creative ideas, and winning strategies they take away.


“Beth Ann has the knowledge and skills to help you tackle any technical challenge."

I chose to work with Beth Ann because I was impressed with her wealth of knowledge and easygoing style. Some of the things I don't know or am unsure of are very basic to others, so I needed a judgment-free coach.

 In the early months of our partnership, she was an excellent sounding board for my frustrations and helped me find solutions to many challenges. As time went on, Beth Ann was a wonderful resource on technical questions and helped me set more realistic goals.

 I would highly recommend Beth Ann's services to fundraisers and executives alike. She has the knowledge and skills to help you tackle any technical challenge. More importantly, she has a next-level understanding of people and will support your growth in this critical soft skill.

Andrea Brown
Vice President for Development
Institute for Community Living

Wondering how I learned what it takes to make your fundraising results explode?


Here’s a selection of highlights from my career so far:

  • I closed my first $1,000,000 gift in 2006. We went into the meeting hoping to close a $25,000 gift. The donors were a couple just starting to move into impact giving, eager to make a difference. Simply by listening and asking the right questions, I saw an opportunity and acted on it. I can show you how.
  • During my tenure at United Way of King County in Seattle, I closed between $6 and $8 million in gifts, annually.
  •  In 2007, I brainstormed how best to use a new tax law to secure five new $100,000+ gifts from donors in my portfolio.
  •  While at Simon Fraser University near Vancouver, I cultivated and closed a $950,000 professorship in 2017 from a supporter previously giving at the low five-figure level; we worked together on a planned a $3.5 million endowed professorship in the near future.
  • At the Orthopaedic & Arthritic in Toronto, I Increased fundraising revenues by 55% the first year and 30% the second year. I noted a new $5,000 donor and cultivated him; within 4 months the O&A received one of the largest gifts to date, a $269,000 stock gift.
  • At Providence Hospital in Washington DC, I increased annual giving by 30% in the midst of a capital campaign.
  • At my very first job at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, I won the regional award for Best Employee Campaign (1993) from the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy.

Now, I can help you harness the enthusiasm of your existing donors and build strong relationships with new major donors.

My coaching and consulting offers include big picture strategy, hands-on support, and are 100% tailored to you.


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1:1 Coaching For Fundraisers on the Rise

What if you could become your organization’s biggest asset — and build the fundraising skill-set that will secure your career in this field?

I teach time-efficient methods of building relationships with donors. That way, you can create the connections that bring major donors to the table.

Work with me 1:1 to learn from my 30+ years of experience meeting and surpassing my organizations’ funding goals.

Your first step?

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Strategic Consulting for Nonprofits

Your next level of funding is on the other side of
something different.

 Luckily for you, different is what I do.

For the past 30+ years, I've worked with some of the biggest nonprofits in North America to
diversify their fundraising revenues and help
them raise more money through my creative
connection-based approach.

Now, I can help you and your team create a plan that leads to sustainable, long-term success.

Let's chat about what comes next

Community, Courses
& Resources

Do you have a team that could benefit from my
connection-based approach? Would you like to learn
more, meet my trusted colleagues, or join my
community? Be inspired by a keynote I offer?

My broad experience in fundraising means I can connect with a wide range of audiences, from conferences to intimate events. 

 You and your people will be blown away by my
practical, actionable advice and uncanny ability to come up with creative solutions.

 What could we achieve together?

Reach out and let's discuss

Just like there's always something more to learn about your donors…

There's more to me than my (impressive) resumé.


Here are 7 surprising facts that tell you more about who I am:

  1. I was the child in school who was often asked to help other students with homework, to assist a new refugee classmate, or to support other kids at camp. To me, fundraising ended up being the perfect alchemy of bringing joy to the world and helping others.
  2. My colleague Rory Green and I created a community called Ms.Rupt, where women in fundraising could gather to talk about issues facing them in our industry.
  3. I'm an advocate or what is right. As a young fundraiser, I experienced a sexual assault by my boss at the office. I finally spoke up about bullying, sexual harassment, and sexual assault in our sector during the #YesAllWomen movement. To shine a light on this pervasive issue, I co-authored an article for my professional organization, weeks ahead of #MeToo. Investigative reporting appeared in the Chronicle of Philanthropy proving 1 in 4 fundraisers has been harassed.
  4. I’m a person who sees solutions. My friends and colleagues are often surprised at just how many solutions to any problem I can find. This is a gift I bring to the table on every client call.
  5. I was born in Seattle, Washington and currently live in Vancouver, British Columbia. I've lived in 10 cities in 4 different countries and I've loved every single one.
  6. I've had a wide range of experiences in my life. I'm an adoptee and a mother. I’ve dined at the Élysée Palace, competed in rodeo barrel racing, taken a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti, and met and spoken to 5 presidents and prime ministers.
  7. I’m exceedingly proud of my career accomplishments. But what I love most about my work is connecting with people and using my gifts to help them succeed.

“Beth Ann builds purpose within a team for the task at hand."

Beth Ann is a passionate manager of people and processes, and builds purpose within a team for the task at hand.  

She brings creativity and energy to even the most conventional fundraising programs, and since working with her, I find myself asking "what would Beth Ann do?" in my planning and execution.

And she's fun! You will not forget a session with her – such energy, enthusiasm, creativity and generosity. She remains a trusted mentor to this day.

Jessica Bouchard
Associate Director
Polygon Galleries

“Beth Ann's passion for this work is contagious!"

Working with Beth Ann was amazing in many ways. Her passion for this work is contagious! As I was new to fundraising, learning the basics and working with donors could have been stressful and difficult.

With Beth Ann as a mentor, her excitement and extensive knowledge made my job much more enjoyable.

Beth Ann is approachable, fun, passionate, and knowledgeable. These qualities ensure that everyone who works with her becomes more passionate about their projects, donors, and roles.

Erika Magnuson-Ford
Donor and Member Services Coordinator
Parkinson Society of British Columbia

It's been a journey of connecting donors with dreams of a better world. 

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Group of 6 people at baseball game in Seattle
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