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Hello, I'm Beth Ann Locke.


I became a fundraiser to invite donors to change the world. I chose this profession and feel incredibly thankful for this work.


When I joined the front lines of philanthropy, I started with the basics. Accepting gifts and writing thank you letters, creating direct mail campaigns and working on events. Since then, I've worked in the U.S. and Canada over 29 years and eventually rose to Chief Development Officer.

During my career, I learned that sustainable support comes from relationship fundraising. It starts when you connect personal values to community need.

Now I’m tapping into my fundraising experience to help you raise more money, build stronger donor relationships and work more effectively. I've worked in fundraising shops from small to large, in organizations that range from simple to complex. I've raised millions in both the U.S. and Canada and bring a relationship focus to my work.
I coach fundraisers and nonprofit leaders on how to work more effectively, surpass their fundraising goals, and build stronger donor relationships. I craft strategies so charities may realize success and increase their impact in the community.


There is so much good to be done in the world - and donors are eager to give and see community impact. 

I grew up in Seattle and, after graduating from the University of Washington, I started my first full-time job back at my alma mater. There I saw fundraisers in action for the first time. After my daughter was born, I successfully applied for my first fundraising job and launched my career at a 3-person development office at a regional trauma center.
After 28 years working in nonprofits, I'm now consulting to share my experience and expertise to help your nonprofit broaden the impact with dependable donor support. I currently live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I enjoy travel, connecting people with their passion and I strive to practice gratitude daily.


Fundraising isn’t my job—it’s my passion.

When I’m not bringing that energy to my coaching and consulting work, I’m writing and speaking about how we can strengthen our profession. I’ve spoken out on some of the most serious challenges facing nonprofit workplaces. In everything I do, I’m working to push the fundraising field forward.


Let's talk about how you can raise more money

I'll tell you why I love being a fundraiser...

It's the mission, the donors, the colleagues...


It's the difference we make!


It's been a journey of connecting donors with dreams of a better world. 

Group of 5 people in Nairobi
Group of 4 women in Vancouver
Group of 3 people at Gala in DC
Group of 7 people at a boat launch in Kirkland
Group of 6 people in Seattle
Group of 5 people in Baltimore
Group of 5 people at a gala
Group of 3 women in hard hats in Vancouver
Golf foursome in Burnaby
Group of 7 people at Kilimanjaro Airport
Group of 6 people at baseball game in Seattle
Group of 6 people at a table PSBC
Group of  6 men at a baseball game, Seattle
Group of 6 people at baseball game in Seattle
Group of 3 people in Seattle
Group of 6 people at in Vancouver
Group of 5 sisters at PHF Pimlico event
Group of 5 people at a lunch in Vancouver
Group of 20 people at long table in Vancouver
Group of 4 people in Seattle


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