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Year-End Fundraising Clinic

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Imagine yourself on December 31... 

Are you feeling successful and relaxed, knowing you did your best and crushed the goals?

Or are you feeling stressed, counting on those "last chance" emails? 

The Year-End Fundraising Clinic is  shaped to help you not just meet but crush your fundraising goals - strategies, advice, and tips specifically tailored for the year-end push. 

The Fundraising Clinic will focus on these four crucial areas:

  1. Strategy for the last 4 months of the year
  2. Persuasive copy that motivates donors to give 
  3. Turning your board into a fundraising asset 
  4. Key insights to donor psychology and behavioral science.

Go from frantic to funded this year-end fundraising season. 

"Once you pay and create an account with The Fundraiser Coach, you will be able to access everything you need to crush your year-end goals and achieve fundraising success."

Replay videos of the content will be available to view within a week of the Fundraising Clinic, along with tip sheets and guides from each expert.

Raves from the "Fundraising Toolkit"

This was so useful! Truly offered solid, fresh advice. I can't thank you enough for the generosity of your gathered experts in sharing their expertise.


Excellent speakers and moderator! Great that it's been recorded so we could step away if we needed to re work but know we weren't missing anything. Loved the 'tone' - professional but relaxed and authentic. Would definitely attend another session like this!


This was a great day, well paced and organized. I heard reminders of things I haven't been practising well, I heard new takes on things I do every day, and some great takes on things I don't need to worry about in my current role but that are important to understand regardless of my day to day. I came into the day very burned out and unmotivated from covid closures and working entirely from home for almost 2 years, and now I am excited to head back into my work with a fresh mindset. Thanks for that.