4 Hours of Coaching


This mini-package offers a quick boost to your work: perhaps a hands-on review of your plan, suggestions on how to approach your portfolio, rethinking your integrated fundraising program, or helping you prepare for the next step in your career.

Whatever you need, we'll work together to increase your fundraising success. I'm here to coach you to your full  potential.  

  • We will start with an initial 45-minute pre-coaching session to  determine your needs, set your goals and effectively use our time together. 
  • Unique career consulting for when you're in a slump, need to get over a hump or are ready to jump.
  • Review of your resume, one cover letter, and your LinkedIn profile may be substituted for one hour of time.
  • Configure the total 4 hours to suit you: 1, 2, or 4 sessions.
  • May be billed in two payments.
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8 Coaching Sessions


I'll tap into my 29 years of front-line fundraising experience in the U.S. and Canada to help you SOAR! 

I'm grounded in tested and researched best practices, and my lived and learned experiences.






Let's work together to increase your fundraising success. I'm here to coach you to your full  potential. 

This coaching package offers: 

  • A 45-minute pre-coaching session to determine our areas of focus and plan, including:
    • your needs and aspirations,
    • where you want to go in your current position or your career,
    • that "one thing" you dream of getting a handle on, and
    • collaborative creation of your personalized plan.
  • Eight 75-minute coaching calls, scheduled weekly or bi-weekly.
  • May be billed in two payments.
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Mixed Coaching + Training - 12 Sessions


Best Value

This package is a great choice if you're a new Executive Director, leading a small shop, want to build an integrated fundraising program, or need board strengthening. 

We'll tackle immediate challenges and ensure fundraising remains is a priority. This package includes:

  • A 45-minute pre-coaching call to explore your training and coaching needs:
    • the top 3 challenges facing you and your team,
    • the "one thing" you dream of accomplishing, and
    • creation of your personalized plan.
  • 12 sessions, 75 minutes each.
  • Suggestions for your fundraising and leadership library.
  • May be billed in three payments.
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